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Learning to Code at HackNCraftNJ

1 Minute Read Montclair NJ

Our local HackNCraftNJ group recently put out a call for folks who are interested in learning to code. I had never really considered whether or not it was something I wanted to learn until I saw their post on Facebook. After discussing it with my boyfriend, we both signed up, and now we're part of a great group of local people independently taking the Harvard CS50- Introduction to Computer Science course, available on, and collectively working together to learn these skills. I'm really excited and I know it will be a very big challenge (especially to my patience!) but so far so good and I wanted to share my progress in the class. We are starting out learning Scratch, a web-based program offered by MIT. The first animation was very buggy when I originally tried to share it here so I made the second one. Hopefully they both work now and I can proudly share them at our next group meeting. Enjoy!


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